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Sacred sites near Healing Waters Sanctuary, Glastonbury

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The Egg Stone

Favourite Healing Sites by Estelle Gillingham, Forensic Energy Healer at Healing Waters.

The Egg Stone, a lesser known part of Glastonbury’s sacred landscape – within easy reach of Healing Waters Sanctuary in Glastonbury

Near the Tor, there is a lesser known and equally significant power node in Glastonbury’s sacred landscape. Much loved by the people who live here, The Egg Stone is a place for quiet connection, reflection and prayer.

This is one of the top places that i recommend people visit when they come and do an energy healing, Karmic MOT or In-body Alchemy retreat with me. There is so much healing energy available in the landscape around the Healing Waters sanctuary, it is the perfect place to support energy healing sessions and help people naturally integrate the healing work.

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