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Feeling Bleak? Life springs Eternal!

Feeling Bleak? - Life Springs Eternal! What gives us hope when all is dark and bleak? The Celtic festival of Imbolc celebrates the first stirrings of spring, way underground whilst the world is still in the grip of the darkness of winter. The first signs that this movement is happening are the snow drops, pure [...]

Glimpses of eternity – Dr Raymond Moody on near death experiences

This is a very informative interview with Dr Raymond Moody on his experiences and research of people both having Near Death Experiences and also others who have witnessed the Near Death Experiences of their loved ones. Do you know anyone that has witnessed the near death experience of others? Juliet

Awakening your heart to Love – Standing in your Soul’s Purpose

A Workshop at Healing Waters Sanctuary Join us for a remarkable journey into your soul. 5 Easy steps take us on this journey. October 27th 2012 10am - 4pm With Noorah Hansen Investment £60 For booking and information email: [email protected] Websitewww.onewithascendedmasters.com Noorah Hansen facilitates sacred circles for women world wide. Private Sessions also available