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Ten Signs You Need a Healing Retreat

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Our society is fast paced and we often forget to slow down and really spend time planning the direction we want to point ourselves. Our bodies and minds are constantly trying to catch up as we scurry around to keep up with the unseen pressures of our modern culture.  If you feel a calling to help your community, joining a group of metaphysical aficionados could be just what the doctor ordered!

Our culture needs thought leaders, not followers. The process of becoming a leader requires self love and visions that will create a bridge to a new paradigm. A retreat is not just for you, it’s for all the people you will touch with an inspired vision and renewed connection to your soul.

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VIDEO: Shaman Isabella on “Miracle Makers”, discussing

the benefits of traveling sacred sites of the world with

like-minded people, each awakening to their own gifts!

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If you’re wondering if a sacred site tour is for you,

see how many of these signs you’re showing to help you decide…

~ 10 Signs You Need A Healing Retreat ~

1. You Are A Sensitive Person

If you bombarded by negativity at work or in your home, this means you are a sensitive person. If you are affected by events on the news and feel like you want to do more to help people, you are an empathic person that can greatly benefit from being around like minded people. Sensitive people can make great changes in society but they need to learn how to create boundaries in how much they give and take on. A healing retreat can recharge you and help you learn how to stop taking on energy that drains you.

2. You Feel Like You Just Need A Break

Kind people often keep their nose down and work really hard but they don’t realize that everyone needs a break sometimes. If you’re feeling like you’re in a routine, bored or not growing, a healing retreat with Shaman Isabella can help you change your thinking and break ingrained patterns that are hard to see when we are in them. Getting away can help you take a bird’s eye view on your life so you can see what’s working and what you no longer need.

3. You Want To Connect With Like Minded People

Do you often feel as though you are not like the people around you? If you are interested in metaphysical subjects, healing, shamanism or are just someone who is more open minded, a healing retreat can really help you feel comfortable in your own skin. If you’ve always felt you are different than most people, chances are you haven’t found your tribe yet. If you’re interested in learning about energy, chakras, self development, meditation and more, a healing retreat is a fun and relaxing environment to connect with kindred spirits and grow your interests.

4. You Feel Drained of Energy

Have you been feeling blah or depressed recently? A healing retreat can help you create a vision and get in touch with your passion and life goals. If you feel drained and fatigued, chances are you need to take time to see why. Retreats offer a safe and supportive environment where you can reflect and refresh your mind. The value of slowing down and being fully present is truly remarkable and exciting!

5. You Want To Learn About Natural Healing Practices

If you have been wanted to learn more about ancient healing practices, a healing retreat with a real shaman would be an enriching experience. Your higher self will guide you to seek out the things that can be helpful for you and if you’re in the healing arts or wanting to join, spending a week with a professional healer can be just the inspiration and education to get you to open your gifts for others. In a healing retreat at sacred sites you will experience group meditations and ceremonies. You will have an opportunity to experience the energy, the healing and share with others.

6. You Love Meditation and All Things Magical

Are you always buying crystals, reading metaphysical books or talking about astrology? If you’re into shamanism, yoga, meditation or have been curious about what it’s all about, dive in with a fun healing retreat! If you have a strong interest in yoga, the chakras or other cultures you will definitely have fun and learn a lot of valuable and practical information to use in your daily life. Many people don’t know how to use meditation to actually change their life, a retreat gives you time to learn tools that you can take with you for the rest of your life.

7. You Are Always Helping Other People

Are you a habitual do-gooder? Are you constantly helping people but forget to take time for yourself? There’s nothing wrong with being there for others, the world needs more people like you. But you also need to recharge your batteries. Self love is something that a lot of natural nurturers need to carve out time in their schedule for. If you feel like you’ve been supporting everyone else, a healing retreat to sacred sites is the perfect gift to yourself. In fact, you’ll learn more ways to nurture the ones you love and it can greatly improve your relationships with them.

8. You’re Trying To Connect To Your Life Mission

Do you feel a little lost? Most people experience confusion when getting in touch with the deepest part of themselves because so many people don’t have the courage to fulfill their life calling. If you know you don’t want to live an ordinary life and want to find your life calling, a healing retreat with Shaman Isabella is a great place to take the time to listen to your heart. Answers can be found in the stillness and in the company of a professional healer.

9. You Want to Learn How To Create A More Positive Life

If you find yourself arguing with loved ones, complaining or just feeling like problems find you easily, you could benefit from the tools of positive thinking and empowerment that you will learn on a healing retreat. These are real life tools and lifestyle skills that should be taught in schools. Give yourself the power of positive thinking by studying with a powerful shaman who can help you recognize negative thought patterns and heal.

10 You have always felt a deep connection to Mother Earth

Have you always felt connected to the earth or have you felt disconnected? Do you wonder what else is in the Universe besides the stars? Can you feel energy? A shamanic spiritual retreat will help you to see between the worlds and connect you to your ancient past. It will give you more than any vacation can provide. If you have been feeling lost or alone this is a sign your spirit is craving something deeper and more meaningful.


Shamanic Travel SACRED SITE TOURS now forming!

Shaman Isabella Stollof leads Sacred Site tours around the world and this June during the powerful summer solstice, you can experience the enchanted land of Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge. You will spend five days at a farmhouse to nestle into the town and have group meditations. You will be able to drink from the healing waters of the Chalice Well and walk to the Tor where legendary King Arthur was said to be buried. Glastonbury is said to have been the center of old world religions and one of two largest monasteries in England. It’s located on powerful ley lines and can activate visions and past lives. If you’ve been considering going on a retreat, this one is going to be magical and life changing.


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