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“Joyful and worth every penny!”

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Estelle Gillingham, Forensic Energy Healer

Estelle Gillingham, Forensic Energy Healer

Testimonial for Estelle Gillingham, Forensic Energy Healer: Basically a psychic surgeon but way more gentle and more joyful than the Maoris!

“Estelle is basically a psychic surgeon but way more gentle and more joyful than the Maoris! I had the most incredible healing session with her as she cleared old patterns, energies, and anything else that had outlived its uses in me.

Estelle supported me in remembering my purpose and helped me release very old information around my relationship to Mother Earth. She connected me to many life times of important data – welcomely received! I was then given a boost of good light transmittance to clear my old debris and goo.

She realigned my chakras and took me way back and beyond to re-engage with my pure and wonderful soul group whom are much needed and here supporting my progress. I am here to self care as my first priority and then have a lot of fun reconnecting to the useful aspects of my many life times here and beyond.

Throughout the healing I thought of my journey and my energetic frequencies were shuddering as masses of old karmic loss/attachment/suffering/co-dependency were dissolved in the ether of space time. I came away refreshed, empty of heaviness and ready to do what I must to make a difference.

Highly recommended!

Joyful and worth every penny!”

Mia Manners – Girls From The Green Stuff/Parties for Purposes

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