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Testimonial from Sheila

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Testimonial from Sheila, June 2013

Healing Waters is a really beautiful sanctuary for healing and love. I really wished I could have stayed there longer this time but I had been here before! My visit this time was following the bereavement of my mother.

My friend and I stayed in the Jasmine Room which was next door to the Meditation Room. The Meditation Room has a very good energy indeed and overlooks a secret well – which I’m sure fairies and angels perform their very own version of Riverdance at night!

The Peony Room was the room I stayed in before which is just above the Meditation Room. There truly is something magical about the whole house.

I have had different treatments ranging from Reiki to Setsukido and of course massage too! I totally love Healing Waters and do like to come back here time and time again. Upon awakening, you can serve yourself to some wholesome breakfast. Before preparing your programme of therapy or walking a short walk into Glastonbury itself.

On leaving there were three American Goddesses all eager to get stuck in. Just reminds you how very special Healing Waters and Glastonbury is. I hope to be back soon! Thank you Juliet for a lovely stay.

Pictures taken during my stay:

May all beings be happy and free from suffering.

May all beings be happy and free from suffering.


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