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Testimonial – Sara Busselen

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I am very grateful for your support – since I have done these sessions concerning my birth-trauma I feel stronger. The most remarkable result is that it is much more easy and natural to make decisions and act on them, to say no to people.

In some way I am more organised, my household doesn’t take so much energy anymore. These are the results on the personel level; Professionally I’ve been able to help a lot of clients with parts of their birth trauma with great results. Before our session I had a feeling that I didn’t get to the core of certain issues with some clients and now I have the understanding of what can happen between conception and birth and that brought me more background and experience that makes my therapy better and more profound. The therapy with you made me respect and love my body more then before.

I loved myself when I came to you but now it is on another level. I can grasp the miracle that life, my life in this body actually is in a wonderful way now. That is very precious. A big hug and love, Sara

– Sara Busselen, Spiritual Healer
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