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Bee Marie Antelme

Bee Marie is one of the elders and a shaman walking the path of the feminine, which values ALL LIFE and ALL REALMS. She is a light bearer and a psychic tracker. She is totally dedicated and passionate, weaving strands of connections, supporting and re-claiming lost fragments of soul. This work enables you to magnetise those fragments back into unity of who you were born to be according to your original blueprint. Bringing you back to full personal empowerment and sovereignty.

She takes you by the hand, guiding your journey to your inner child so you can voice and share your own story, holding the truth of who you are. She works through the medium of paintings, dreams and story. This work has a profound healing power. When the inner child finds her voice, it opens the gate to healing.

Bee Marie is the mother of 5 children and grandmother of 14 grandchildren. She has been a social worker assistant in her early years and a therapist through most of her life. She is an all round practitioner of the healing arts, encompassing natropathy, massage, shamanism, astrology. She qualified at The International School of Healing with Ruth White and also has qualifications as a certified Quantum Healer and Shamanic Healer.

Bee Marie’s most valuable qualification is her life’s journey. As one of the elders she holds and shares gems of wisdom essential for balance and coherence within ourselves.