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Time for us to show up and take our part

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Time for us to show up and take our part

It’s been such an amazing day at Healing Waters. Tomorrow is the new moon, and yet it feels that the energies for immense change have already been activated.


I have held the vision here for so long, for it to be a centre of profound healing on all levels. A place where each individual can find exactly what they need for the healing that is right for them. Today, visitors talked of the ‘Timelessness of the stillness’ that they experienced in the Meditation room.

This energy is begining to draw into alignment with my vision, all those individuals necessary to take Healing Waters and the Healing Gardens even closer to the vision that I hold for it to be ‘Heaven on Earth’.

Tomorrow I am doing a ceremony to set this intent more clearly and strongly.

Maybe it is an important time for all of us to be doing this with our visions. The planet is waiting for us to combine our joint wills into a common unity. This child, speaking at the United Nations is asking us to do this. We need to really show up now. She has shown up, let her be an example to us all.


I was also given a new name today, which I would like to share.

Praying that you recieve many new insights with the new moon.

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