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What does it mean to be fully conscious on the planet today?

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What does it mean to be fully conscious on the planet today?

It is a grand statement and in reality a humbling experience. I would so much like to be conscious and can think of so many things that I mean by that statement. Often when I talk about it, I am referring to the outer world. About the things that are happening that are undermining our freedom, our sovereignty, our good health and our environment.

We are all living in a dream, hypnotised by the media and controlled by peer pressure, the medical industry and worst of all the many hours of TV that we imbibe on a daily basis. The reality of what is going on in the world is very different from what we believe is happening. And thus like sheep we are being led into ways that cause our health to be destroyed and our communities to be broken.

Usually when I talk about ‘waking up’, I mean to come alive to how we are being manipulated and how we can take our power once we are knowledgeable about this. We can then create new systems of governance and environmental care, agriculture, education, medicine and abolish warfare as an ignoble act which defiles our humanity.

But there is another more important level of being conscious. As within so without. When we can peel away the numbing way that we shut down our own senses and see the many subtle and not so subtle ways that we seek to control and dominate through our negative emotions of anger, jealousy, envy, lust and pride then we can truly awaken to the Christ Energy within us.

Taking time to be conscious and present to our experiences and how we interact with the world, moment by moment not only in meditation but in all that we do. Deep reflection on a continual basis. Purifying and transmuting the heart so that we are able to live truly in love and tenderness for all of Creation.

To do this and to commit yourself to this practice is to be truly humble and it is thus the only true way of changing the present insanity that we are creating on the planet. Being conscious is owning that WE ARE THE ONES that are creating what we perceive in the outer world. We have infinite power to create Heaven on Earth. It is within our reach to do it now.

My commitment to love, simplicity and truth is demonstrated through the Communities that I build at Healing Waters Sanctuary and Healing Gardens Cooperative. I am currently creating a Community in the south of France called Healing Waters Heart Spring. It is an Intentional Community of like minded people who live from the heart, founded on the principles of Saint Francis of Assisi and the Cathars who were persecuted by the Catholic Church in the 12th Century and onwards in this area of France.

If you are feeling yourself drawn to demonstrate your commitment in the same way, please do contact me at [email protected]

With love and blessings as always,


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