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When there is Chaos – Mike Boxhall – Advanced CranioSacral Therapy

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When there is Chaos!

Mike Boxhall

The Spirit is what I call that which underlies and is ultimately causal of all life. The genome does not cause life it dictates the form that it takes.

The trouble with most therapy, allopathic or complimentary and with most religion, mainstream or fringe, is that it focuses on not only the form but on the form that results from from lifetimes of undigested form upon form. The package has superseded the content.

We have lost trust in the blueprint, the original intentionality of being. Intellect, already a crystallization into personal form has become paramount, instead of being a tool.

It is not possible to work with the Spirit from form it is only possible to become the Spirit. This necessitates a letting go of division, separateness in order to remember communality.

Harold D. Roth in his beautiful translation of an ancient Daoist text in Original Tao (Columbia University Press-1999) sets out the case like this:-


As for the Way:

It is what the mouth cannot speak of,

The eyes cannot see,

And the ears cannot hear.

It is that with which we cultivate the mind and align the body.

When people lose it they die;

When people gain it they flourish.

When endeavours lose it they fail;

When they gain it they succeed.

The Way never has a root or a trunk,

It never has leaves or flowers.

The myriad things are generated by it;

The myriad things are completed by it.

We designate it “the Way.”
Let us try to work from the Spirit and in the Stillness of absolute potential where there is no pain.

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