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You are Free! Do you choose to Love or Hate?

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Are you ready and willing to do what it takes? Are you committed to making the changes to bring you greater health, peace and prosperity?

We are at a time of massive planetary awakening. Turmoil is raging upon Mother Earth. Our economic system as we know it is collapsing, revolution is raging across the Middle East and we have endemic health problems. Be encouraged and not depressed. The time is ripe for you now to be happier, healthier and more prosperous than ever before. How can you achieve this?

There are two steps. Firstly it is about taking personal responsibility and secondly is to understand our interconnectedness.

In taking personal responsibility, we need to understand that the way we suffer, is not a result of what is going on in the outside world. It is NOT because of what someone else is doing to us, not a result of the ‘state of the world’. It is about our choices in relationship to those things. We all have a great freedom. We can choose to love or hate. This is the underpinning to everything that we do. We can use this as a foundation from which to move out from in our every moment. The great revolution that is happening on the planet , is about understanding that we all have a choice and it is time to take responsibility for what happens in our own lives.

I have written at length in previous articles about the affects of trauma on humanity. It is a huge malady, that continually causes people to suffer, to be locked into a constricted place within themselves, within their bodies, minds and emotions. In trauma, we become cramped down into the moment when those traumatic events happened. The brain replays the drama over and over, sending out cascades of neuro transmitters, that cause us to believe that we are still in the traumatic event. For this reason, we continually act out our distress, blaming and attacking others and even fighting wars. The planet is rife with war and famine and we like Don Quixote, ‘tilt at the windmills’ which are in fact the demons locked within our own minds and bodies as a result of the terrible traumas that we have experienced since pre conception. Traumas that become condensed, through constellated neural pathways within the brain and layered, one upon another, within us psychically and physically. This becomes so intense that we only identify with ourselves as that constricted person. We lose our love and our humanity.

However, no matter how constricted we have become, we are and always have been, more than our minds, emotions and bodies. We are also a soul,that came to this earth with a divine purpose. We can choose not to believe in the soul, but it makes no difference to the fact that there is another influence at work, which serves to support us in our healing and expansion into happy and healthy human beings. I have seen this at work thousands of times in the many people that I have done healing with. There is an ‘intelligence’ at work that serves to lift us up and help us to heal. Some may call this force God, or Divine Intelligence. Without this force for ‘higher ordering’ none of us would heal. How can we access this force? How can we re-connect to our Soul purpose?

The first step is to take personal responsibility for our lives. We can go to a doctor for an illness and take the drugs and surgery that is prescribed. But often this is just a sticking plaster on a much deeper malaise. And indeed, I have had many people come to me with symptoms and conditions arising from a deep and mysterious basis, that neither allopathic medicine, or conventional psychiatric treatment can heal. A relatively new branch of science called pyschoneuroimmunology is now showing us that we need to understand the bodymind. Immune response and ‘sickness’ can be triggered through stress, and symptoms that we may associate as part of a viral or bacterial infection can actually be the first line of the body’s defence in bringing the body back into balance. Through the work that I do, I teach you to access the body mind. This is not just to address a simple ‘off balance’ moment, but to heal deep seated conditions arising from trauma such as inexplicable symptoms and patterns of behaviour that are self destructive, further degrading and undermining our quality of life.

Peter Levine is a pioneer of healing trauma through the body. In my experience, working as a therapist that heals trauma, this is a very powerful method. We are tapping into the bodymind and understanding how our trauma is actually ‘embodied’ and how we have become self identified with it. In Vipassana meditation, given to us to by the Buddha, we have an ancient counterpart to the new branches of Science. Developing our ‘witness’ and observing the moment by moment arising of our experience or process, in the body mind, we discover the place where we have our power, to access our ‘Divine Intelligence’ or ‘Soul Imperative’ to heal ourselves. This can work for us no matter how deep our suffering or how terminal our illness. We increase in self awareness, non delusion, control and peace.

For any of this to happen, we have to ‘show up’ take responsibility for ourselves and go forward in choosing health over illness. ‘Disconnection is one of the fundamental aspects of trauma. Trauma destroys our trust, being a consequence of extremely fearful events, when our primitive brain, responded to a perceived, ‘life and death’ situation. Where there is no trust, connection dies. We have become disconnected from ourselves, from each other and from our natural relationship of peace and harmony with the earth. Our present global upheaval, has tipped us into a healing crisis or ‘re-membering’ or putting back together. It is time for us once again to experience our interconnectedness, which was also taught by the Buddha. What we do to ourselves, we do to each other and to the earth. When we can choose to love and not hate, we can choose to be healthy, happy and peaceful. I have a vision of Heaven on Earth, I know that this is possible and I am committed to it.

On 22nd, 23rd and 24th March we have Geshe Lama Ahbay Rinpoche coming to give healings, teachings and blessings at Healing Waters. There is a retreat at the Sanctuary for you to come and benefit from his visit.

If you would like to know more about who I am and what I do, then look at my website and read about the beautiful Sanctuary and Gardens that is Healing Waters in Glastonbury, and give yourself the opportunity to ‘re-member’ to become whole by visiting me here.

In peace and love,


A new take on psychoneuroimmunology by Beth Azar.

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