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Transformative retreat in magical Turkey – Trauma Skills Healing Retreat

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Date(s) - 22/06/2017 - 27/06/2017
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Natural Springs Retreat Fethiye


Time to unwind and relax.

Time to unwind and relax.

This transformative retreat is designed to help you completely relax, replenish  and re-invent yourself in a magical nature paradise in South West Turkey in the mountains and close to the sea. 


Do you feel that right now, you just need a complete break with lots of ‘downtime for you’?

Are you a practitioner or carer that has worked too long and too hard with challenging and difficult clients?

Perhaps you are perplexed by why your clients don’t seem to heal despite all your hard work?

Do you feel that there might be an easier way to achieve the results that you see are possible for your clients but don’t know how to?

Are you wondering whether you are doing the right thing in your life and your work?

Perhaps you feel that you can’t afford to take a break and have to keep going?…..A sure sign of exhaustion!

Do you want to help others but find yourself being overwhelmed or angry in the process?

Are you ready as a Healing Practitioner or Carer to go beyond what you have done previously and increase your ability to help others?

WE would like to offer you a wonderful opportunity to find solutions for these problems and work with   less effort than you would imagine AND make a bigger difference in your clients’ lives.


Trauma Skills Healing Retreat in Magical Turkey from Juliet Yelverton on Vimeo.


Come on this transformational retreat where you can learn new ways of approaching your life mission and be able to offer your clients a greater depth of understanding of their suffering and a pathway to heal.

Learn about how trauma can be a problem for your clients and how you can help them better.

Discover how this hidden danger can be undermining your own health and exhausting you in your work and find the ways to remain in your own centre of wellbeing whilst working with the suffering of others.

Learn how your own trauma may be triggered by your clients and how to normalize your reactions whilst still being present to help them.

Discover how you can change ALL of this and do more with less effort and get better results

This retreat allows plenty of time for you to relax and replenish, heal and transform.  Fill up the cauldron of your self and get on track with your life mission.

This Transformative Retreat is for:

Alternative Healing Practitioners,
Medical Doctors
Social workers
People who care for others

Whatever your healing modality, it is likely that you will be working with traumatised people. (By traumatised I mean that they may have erratic levels of nervous system activation and have behaviour which is challenging and unpredictable.)
Most medical, healing or social care trainings do not offer trauma skills as part of the training.

When you come to work with people that have trauma you may find that sometimes you are out of your depth.

Such situations can leave you feeling:
Not good enough

In addition, UNKNOWINGLY you may also have unresolved trauma which can cause you to be triggered by your clients. (As most people do, even therapists!)

For example are you aware that at a subconscious level you may be:

Limiting the number of people you see because you are frightened of being overwhelmed and unable to help them with their pain.

In participating on this retreat you will begin to heal your own unresolved trauma and be better equipped to help your clients.

As a result your healing sessions will be something that you approach with ease and confidence.

Testimonials about the Retreat:

“Thank you so much for an amazing experience. This retreat has uncovered many hidden negative beliefs that have caused me to live in a contracted and isolated way. Being brought into the light allows me to accept and move beyond these beliefs and move towards living to my full potential.
Student 2016

“Thank you, with Love.
From Freezing to Expansion.
From Panic to Breathing.
From Isolated Madness to Shared Compassion and Loving Self Acceptance”

Student 2016.

This retreat will:
1. Enhance your capacity as a healer/carer.
2. Give you the ability to identify when problems are coming up so that you can take action before un-manageable reactions and emotions are triggered.
3. Reassure the people that you are ‘caring’ for so that they maintain a sense of comfort and safety.
4. Enable you to increase your client intake without becoming overwhelmed or ‘burnt’ out.

What the Retreat will offer:

Mornings: Teaching & Healing

Afternoons: Having more fun! Explore the Area and join in the local activities….(more about this in the next section)


Mornings:  A combination of teaching and personal healing work. in the form of  discussion and exchange exercises with other retreat participants. This will involve short exercises in which participants will explore times when they have been overwhelmed, angry, or distressed in client/ personal relationship interaction.  Movement and art work

The Teaching will enable you to understand:

* Introduction to trauma –It’s definition and how it affects the nervous system.

* Trauma affects on the body in terms of symptom range and illness caused.

* Social affects of trauma.

* Principles of Safety in working with clients

* The keys to treating trauma.

* The kind of issues that your clients might be presenting if they are traumatised?

* How to safely track the affects of trauma in your own body and how this impacts upon your work as a healer/carer.

* How to create an environment that has the most comforting and least triggering affect on clients.

The Healing work will be in the form of group sessions of ‘process’ work. We will explore what is happening in the moment and help you to re-orientate yourself to that experience so that you can integrate it and no longer be triggered by it. The aim is to diminish levels of activation and emotional charge around limiting beliefs and trauma symptoms. We may incorporate art, music, movement and other body orientated healing approaches.

This healing work will enable you to:

1. Feel more confident
2. To feel expansive
3. Have a sense of greater opportunity in life
4. Feel the capacity to do more and to be better at it.




You will receive a certificate at the end of the retreat to acknowledge successful participation. This may be used for CPD if you are professionally qualified.

Follow up:

The Trauma Skills Retreat offers follow-up support after the retreat is over, in the form of an online Master Class – more information to come!

Retreat Facilitator – Juliet Yelverton

When you heal trauma your freedom is restored.

When you heal trauma your freedom is restored.

Juliet Yelverton is the Founder of Healing Earth Ltd, Healing Waters Sanctuary, Healing Gardens Cooperative and the HeartSpring Centre.  She is a Trauma Healing Practitioner and Teacher, Visionary and Public Speaker. Her work includes training Carers and Alternative Therapists in Trauma Healing Skills. 

For more information.


About the venue:

The Tree House

tree house
Our Star Gazing Yurt

Natural Springs Face book page.

About the area:

Enjoy the Rhythm of Nature

Enjoy the Rhythm of Nature

A rich natural environment filled with magic and wonder.  Mountains, rivers, thermal springs, markets, beaches and fascinating archaeology.

Some things to explore:

Alexander the Great Cave.

Tios Archaeology

So what can YOU expect if you spend 6 nights and 7 days at the Natural Springs Retreat?

5 mornings of group interactions and exploring what holds you back from being all that you are in your client interactions.

Teachings on trauma

Afternoons exploring the area and enjoying activities such as:

Paragliding over Butterfly Valley

Jeep Safari

Enjoying the beach

Wine and cheese tasting at local organic farm.

Exploring the markets

Taking a boat trip around the 12 Islands

Digging deep into the Archaeology

Bathing in the thermal sulphur baths

Enjoy the local cuisine and products -Fresh trout served with organic pomegranate molasses. Organic vegetables. Abundance of local grown fresh fruit.

An Alternative Therapy session – Book with us for: Quantum Touch. Reflexology. Reiki, EFT, NES health scan.

So What’s Included?

Five mornings (9-12pm) of experiential  group and couples work and teaching sessions + lots of juicy retreat conversation all week!

Seven nights of accommodations in tree house or yurts.

Six delicious breakfasts

A wonderful selection of local fruits.

Orange, lemon, melons, apricots, peach, grapes, strawberries, bananas, cherries, plums and more.
Fresh free range eggs, homemade butter, cheese and yogurt (Cows yogurt and goat yogurt)
We can cater for gluten free and diary by pre-request
Self service drinks, herbal.teas. fruit teas and local herbs. Coffee. Fruit juices


Teaching Price £250 +  Option 1 or Option 2 and add to the Teaching Price.

Option 1:   £150 Half board,  airport transfer extra no excursions included

Option 2:  £299. Half board, airport transfer, boat trip and turkish bath excursion all included.

Alternative therapy session extra and can be arranged on booking.

To book:

Please email: [email protected]

Telephone 01458 835859  (UK)

Telephone (0090) 5312806529  (Turkey)


The Trauma Skills Retreat offers follow-up support after the retreat is over, in the form of an online Master Class – more information to come!

Isn’t this a great reason to come to Turkey!

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