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Ten Signs You Need a Healing Retreat

Our society is fast paced and we often forget to slow down and really spend time planning the direction we want to point ourselves. Our bodies and minds are constantly trying to catch up as we scurry around to keep up with the unseen pressures of our modern culture.  If you feel a calling to [...]

Join us for an Avalon Journey 2013 – Staying 4 days at Healing Waters Sanctuary

Avalon Journey 2013 May 20-29, 2013 The Flowering of the New Earth Sacred Sites ~ Crop Circles ~ Holy Wells Meditations ~ Activations ~ Ceremonies Your Sacred Journey Guides Elizabeth HeartStar Spiritual Astrologer, & Avalon Oracle and Guide since 1995. www.AstroJourneys.com Dr. Jewels Maloney Conscious channel for the Magdalene. Author of Mary Magdalene: The Christos-Sophia [...]