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Healing Birth Wounds Workshop 12th & 13th Decemeber2015

Healing Birth Wounds Workshop 12th & 13th December 2015 Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the same old story, your life stressed and unfulfilling, or suffer from vague anxieties, stuck patterns, life repeating itself in a negative spiral? Past traumatic experiences can be fermenting beneath the level of your conscious mind that you have no [...]

The importance of Resourcing in Healing Trauma

Resourcing in another name for 'feeling good'. When people feel good, they are less likely to get stressed or become ill. What is your current state of health and how resourced are you? If we are already ill and especially if suffering from trauma, we need to learn to be very focussed in our resourcing. [...]

Why creating safety is fundamental to healing trauma

The qualities of motherhood are largely undervalued and yet they remain the most fundamental to the healthy growth of human beings. The reason why, is because they create a safety and well being for the child without which, life would become chaotic and unmanageable. A highly resourced therapist that can create safety and containment for [...]

Healing Trauma in a safe way

Healing Trauma in a safe way It may be that when you hear the word 'trauma' that you think it applies to someone else and not to yourself. The reality is that trauma is probably the number one condition that affects the most people on the planet. All sorts of situations in life can lead [...]

Need to deeply relax, try this Yoga Nidra meditation.

Need to deeply relax, try this Yoga Nidra meditation. Yoga Nidra is a profound method for healing and deep relaxation. It helps you to change fixed beliefs and creates new pathways in the brain, allowing your body to heal. Yoga Nidra brings an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity. It is one of the deepest of [...]

Was your sex life compromised at Birth?

Was your sex life compromised at birth? Birth like death is a subject that we would rather not think about in realistic terms. Death gets swept under the carpet, whilst birth is viewed through rose coloured glasses .. The grim reality is that birth is a traumatic event for most babies. Since the average fetal [...]

Longing for Intimacy – Don’t let your old pain get in the way

Longing for Intimacy? – Don't let your old pain get in the way. Juliet Yelverton Do you long for someone completely caring and understanding. A lover who can give you a special embrace and a loving word. How shocking it is when you have found that deep intimacy with a partner but it becomes a [...]

Lilou Mace interviews Juliet Yelverton

Healing the planet - an interview with Lilou Mace and Juliet Yelverton Lilou came to stay at Healing Waters

Tuaca Kelly interviews Juliet Yelverton

How doe the garden grow and what is the inspiration behind the Healing Waters Sanctuary Tuaca Kelly stayed at the Sanctuary and was inspired to make a video Healing Waters Sanctuary, Glastonbury from Tuaca Kelly on Vimeo.

Healing From Cancer – Miracles can happen

Healing from Cancer - Miracles can happen Life can be turned upside down, when suddenly you discover that you have an illness like cancer. The very name fills us with fear and feels like a death sentence. Yet the reality is that there can be a 90% cure rate for many types of cancer. It [...]