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Exhibition of Greenham Common Peace Camp – Healing our Collective Trauma

Global Social Witnessing of the many traumatic events around the world and waking up to take action, to say 'no' this cannot go on, is important in our healing of this trauma.  We need to move out of our dissociation and experience ourselves as being powerful and able to contribute to the changes that are [...]

It’s not too late!!

        You are never too late to heal! Sometimes, it seems that our whole life goes by and we are stuck in the same pattern that never seems to change, no matter what we do. Changes however are often happening subtly. Finally like a jigsaw, we fit the last piece in place [...]

How to heal trauma? What will it do for me?

If you are a therapist at this time in the history of the planet, what you are meeting most often in your therapy practice, whether you realize it or not, are traumatized clients. Practically everyone is carrying some degree of trauma and has the possibility of being healed OR re-traumatized by inappropriate therapy approaches. Despite [...]

The importance of Resourcing in Healing Trauma

Resourcing in another name for 'feeling good'. When people feel good, they are less likely to get stressed or become ill. What is your current state of health and how resourced are you? If we are already ill and especially if suffering from trauma, we need to learn to be very focussed in our resourcing. [...]

Why creating safety is fundamental to healing trauma

The qualities of motherhood are largely undervalued and yet they remain the most fundamental to the healthy growth of human beings. The reason why, is because they create a safety and well being for the child without which, life would become chaotic and unmanageable. A highly resourced therapist that can create safety and containment for [...]

Need to deeply relax, try this Yoga Nidra meditation.

Need to deeply relax, try this Yoga Nidra meditation. Yoga Nidra is a profound method for healing and deep relaxation. It helps you to change fixed beliefs and creates new pathways in the brain, allowing your body to heal. Yoga Nidra brings an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity. It is one of the deepest of [...]

Healing From Cancer – Miracles can happen

Healing from Cancer - Miracles can happen Life can be turned upside down, when suddenly you discover that you have an illness like cancer. The very name fills us with fear and feels like a death sentence. Yet the reality is that there can be a 90% cure rate for many types of cancer. It [...]

Dumped again? Time to find your Inner Lover

Dumped again? Time to find your Inner Lover. Sometimes love seems to fade and what was a happy relationship suddenly feels empty. Sad when both are in agreement that the time has come to finish, but even sadder when you are the one that is still in love but your partner wants to quit. How [...]

No Belting for Beltane’s Children

No Belting for Beltane's Children The Rites of Beltane may lead to the conception of children who later bless our days with their laughter. Native American tribes say we must do 'nothing to harm the children'. Children's innocence must be protected. Yet often parents feel bad at the way they have treated them. Most parents [...]

Life after Death – Recovery from Caring

Life after Death – Recovery from Caring We have made it to 2013. What a roller coaster of upheaval our planet has been through. So many people have reported going through a terrible crisis. If you are one of the unfortunate people affected, maybe I can help you. The past events may have caused you [...]