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Soul Centred Astrology

Soul Centred Astrology helps you to understand the tools or skill sets that you have been given in this life and to see if you are living your potential. These tools are understood by looking at where the planets were positioned at the moment you took your first breath, as they provide a powerful imprint into your etheric field. Each single planet affects us in a different way. They affect your daily living in a way similar to how the moon governs the tides and growth cycles in nature. Given that our own bodies are made up of 85% water we ourselves are highly affected by the planets that govern our solar system. The way in which the planets affect us, however, changes as we take initiation and “wake up”.

Soul centred astrology also helps us understand the challenges and karmic patterns present in our lives. Through understanding our tool set we can transcend the transiting influences that can affect our personal journey and learn not to take these transits personally, as well as to ride the wave of the cycle with awareness.

An example of this is to examine, for instance, where Saturn is currently transiting your natal chart. Saturn forces us to get disciplined and to look at the area in which we need to get disciplined and to put in some structure. Saturn teaches us patience and procedure and timing. Saturn teaches us about the laws of matter. If we don’t understand that we have a strong Saturn cycle we could feel depressed and restricted and like we are treading through treacle but when we bring understanding to the situation we are prepared to face it head on and work with the gifts that it brings which can be, more work, more capacity to implement structure and discipline in our lives, insight to where we need to put boundaries in places and on a basic level our ability to just say no and exercise discernment.

Through esoteric astrology we can learn how to generate merit as well as gain an understanding as to how our SOUL functions. The word soul is spoken often and not often truly understood, The soul from an esoteric understanding is in fact the merit that has been generated by our previous good deed words actions intentions prayers and mantras, eventually this builds into a bright light which is stored on the causal plane which is a plane of electric fire, each of us has our own exquisite ever changing and unique geometric matrix of light, and our purpose ultimately is to surrender to the powerful light of who we are and to dispel the illusions and glamour of what we are not. This process is called Soul Infusion and can take life times to build our vehicles to the point when we are ready to truly in reality radiate the light of the soul, this is what the Christ taught us in his life as the master Jesus, and is what the Buddha taught as he spoke about generating Boddhicitta. Through looking at your chart you can glimpse what assets you have to work with, your personality being expressed as your sun sign and your ascendant being the lens that your soul can express through.

Soul Centred astrology, which is also called Esoteric Astrology and comes from the AGELESS WISDOM of ancient texts, focuses upon assisting people with the aim of understanding our own individual evolution. Through Soul Centred astrology we learn how to express the light of BEING, of our divinity, through the flowering of our highest potential.

Information is drawn from studying your individual natal birth chart both from an esoteric perspective as well as looking at how the current transits of the planets are affecting you as related to your birth chart. As well as using an in-depth study of esoteric psychology we also look at your ray qualities. Through deep study and intuition one is able to see how your own ray qualities would be expressed as you come to a point of development where your SOUL floods the personality with its light, leading to both integration and a sense of wholeness.

For a more in – depth understanding about the rays you could look at the work of Phillip Lindsay or Soul Centered Astrologer Alan Oken, both are people whom I consider authorities on this subject.

The whole study of Esoteric Astrology has been inspired by the Master Djwal Khul who telepathically transmitted this information to Alice Bailey along with studies such as the Science of Kundalini and wrote a whole treatise on Cosmic Fire which helps to explain both the constitution of Humanity and our place in the cosmos. I hope that I can bring to you a softer more right brain integrated feminine approach to understand your chart.