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Make sure your group retreat is a hit: Part One

The first of three key elements in running a successful group retreat Group retreats are a fabulous way for your clients to spend some uninterrupted high-quality time with you and other like-minded souls.  If you love your work, you either already run group retreats, or you may be planning your first group getaway.  Retreats are [...]

Greater awareness of light and energy fields after Karmic MOT with Estelle

Session Type: Karmic and Past Lives MOT: face to face in Glastonbury Ok, so I am very impressed!!! To be honest, I cannot say I felt much at the time of the session, but now, two days after my session, there is a significant improvement in terms of Light around me. My vision is clearer, [...]

Why Quan Yin is a permanent guest at Healing Waters

Presiding deities at Healing Waters When people open their hearts to love, grace, compassion and mercy, and bring their attention to the specific deities who embody these qualities, a special kind of magic happens. When we open our heart to a spiritual guide or archetype such as Quin Yin, she opens her heart to us [...]

Sacred sites near Healing Waters Sanctuary, Glastonbury

Near the Tor, there is a lesser known and equally significant power node in Glastonbury's sacred landscape. Much loved by the people who live here, The Egg Stone is a place for quiet connection, reflection and prayer. This is one of the top places that i recommend people visit when they come and do an [...]

What does it mean to be fully conscious on the planet today?

What does it mean to be fully conscious on the planet today? It is a grand statement and in reality a humbling experience. I would so much like to be conscious and can think of so many things that I mean by that statement. Often when I talk about it, I am referring to the [...]

Healing Birth Wounds – Workshop November 30th November – 1st December. 2013

Healing Birth Wounds - Workshop November 30th November - 1st December. 2013 Do you suffer from vague anxieties, stuck patterns, life repeating itself in a negative spiral? Past traumatic experiences can be fermenting beneath the level of your conscious mind that you have no idea of, yet may have arisen from your earliest times in [...]

Lilou Mace interviews Juliet Yelverton

Healing the planet - an interview with Lilou Mace and Juliet Yelverton Lilou came to stay at Healing Waters

Tuaca Kelly interviews Juliet Yelverton

How doe the garden grow and what is the inspiration behind the Healing Waters Sanctuary Tuaca Kelly stayed at the Sanctuary and was inspired to make a video Healing Waters Sanctuary, Glastonbury from Tuaca Kelly on Vimeo.

Testimonial from Sheila

Testimonial from Sheila, June 2013 Healing Waters is a really beautiful sanctuary for healing and love. I really wished I could have stayed there longer this time but I had been here before! My visit this time was following the bereavement of my mother. My friend and I stayed in the Jasmine Room which was [...]

Win a stay at Healing Waters – Worth £430

WIN!!! A wonderful retreat for two at Healing Waters Sanctuary in Glastonbury HOW TO ENTER Send this entry to: Prediction Healing Waters, 80-83 Long Lane, London, EC1A 9ET Name Address Telno Email Postcode Entries close: 30th June 2013 Terms and conditions: Minimum age is 16, prize is subject to availability, valid Monday to Wednesday. Travel [...]